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Marc C. Chavez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP
ZGF Architects LLP
Seattle, WA
Speaker Fee: Travel expenses only
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Biography: Marc Chavez is an experienced technical architect. He has practiced architecture in participating in the creation of a wide variety of buildings from single-family wood structures to very large institutional buildings. His expertise in architectural practice is centered on document production and construction management. An AutoCAD user since 1987 he has seen CAD bloom from a clumsy tool to a sophisticated 3D and 4D modeling tool. He has been actively specifying buildings and conducting material research for 10 years. He currently works at Zimmer Gunsul Frasca, acting as an architect for the construction of new buildings and renovation of existing facilities and writing specifications.
Speaker Specialties:
  • Certification
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • MasterFormat Accredited Instructor (MAI)
  • Specifications Writing
  • Building/Facility Information Modeling (BIM)
  • CSI Webinar - Intermediate Specifying for Design Professionals (4/16/13)
    Date: 04/16/2013
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    Session Description:

    CSI Webinar:
    Intermediate Specifying for Design Professionals

     Marc C. Chavez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP

    Marc C. Chavez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP

    Architects, Engineers and other design professionals regardless of design or drafting ability will eventually find themselves “stuck with writing a spec.” These neatly printed and bound volumes form the “quality” basis of the contract documents; and yet have often been seen holding up the broken leg of a job trailer chair or holding the door open. With the demise of the Sweets Catalogs, they have formed the large majority of model making weights used in design offices today. Model shop notwithstanding, what should you do when approaching this apparently monumental task? Writing is not your forte. Arcane product knowledge and ASTM standards are difficult and although we make fun of them, we REALLY do not want to find ourselves at the job site and have the Contractor point and laugh, or worse yet ask for a large change order based upon incorrect information on the drawings or the specification. Marc Chavez CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP assoc. will guide you through the process of building a structurally sound, well designed specification using purchased “master specifications,” free online documents as well as specs “from scratch”.

    Learning Objectives
    1. Use building assemblies and UniFormat as a guide to planning required work for drawings and specifications.
    2. Use checklists, generic tables of contents and MasterFormat to make sure you have not forgotten required items.
    3. Learn how to save time and be consistent by utilizing "packaged" master specifications.
    4. Describe how to take advantage of specification data at manufacturer's and association websites.
    5. Review how to create good specifications by consistently applying SectionFormat to sort the data you collect about products.
    Credit: 1.0 AIA CEHs, 1.0 PDHs

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  • CDT Bootcamp Spring 2013
    Date: 03/01/2013
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    Session Description:

    Spring 2013: CDT Boot Camp

    Date: March 1, 2013, 9AM – 5PM

    The Adolphus

    1321 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75202

     Marc Chavez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP Assoc.

    Marc Chavez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP Assoc.

    Prepare for the Construction Documents Technology (CDT) Exam by participating in this fast paced, intensive, one-day seminar in which you will review the primary documents used for the examination and the fundamental knowledge they contain.

    The architect/engineer (A/E), the contractor, owner, and the myriad of consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors must work together within boundaries of the construction documents to create a successful project. The construction documents define the rights of, responsibilities of, and relationships among all the parties. The value and importance these relationships and their maintenance with the construction documents is emphasized.

    The CDT Boot Camp will enhance and supplement self-study efforts by the use of presentations, short quizzes and question answer sessions. An analysis of how test questions are written and evaluated will be presented to help the candidate decode the test questions.

    Candidates should arrive at the session with the free CDT Candidate Handbook and the Project Delivery Practice Guide . The cost of the seminar does not include accommodations, transportation, CDT exam registration, Project Delivery Practice Guide and/or any source documents.

    What You Will Cover
    1. Concepts applicable to the basic understanding of the construction documentation process. This includes participants, relationships, formats, facility and project life-cycles, and document types.
    2. Activities and documents related to project conception and project delivery.
      • Project Conception: Prerequisites to the design process including budgeting, scheduling, programming, and site investigation.
      • Project Delivery: Decisions and factors affecting services and documentation required including contract types, delivery methods, team selection, and commissioning.
    3. Activities and documents related to the process of converting an owner's program into written and graphic documents.
      • Schematic Design and Design Development: Activities and documents associated with schematic design and design development.
      • Construction Documents: Elements of the construction documents, the project manual concept and structure, the uses and characteristics of different types of drawings, and the importance of and proper methods for coordinating.
    4. Activities and procedures related to the administration of the contract.
    5. Activities and documents related to transition from construction to ongoing facility management.
    How You Will Benefit
    • Review of all major portions of the exam and their relative importance to each other to guide your further study.
    • Review of the source documents used in the exam and the portions the candidate should concentrate their study upon.
    • An understanding of modern multiple choice test question construction.
    • Practice taking questions similar to those on the exam.
    Who Should Attend

    Individuals, who prepare, interpret, enforce, or manage construction documents or portions of the work they describe. The CDT Boot Camp is a great place for anyone involved in the construction industry that needs to get a handle on the ebb and flow of the information, which in many ways determines the success of the project (and incidentally our j

  • CDT Boot Camp SFC 2014
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  • CDT Boot Camp SFC Member and Student 2014
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  • CDT Bootcamp SCR 2014
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  • CSI CDT Bootcamp 2012
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  • CDT Prep Course Webinar 7: Bonus Session: AIA
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  • CDT Bootcamp - 8/24/2012
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  • CDT Prep Course Webinar 3: Construction Documents Part 1 and 2
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  • CDT Prep Course Webinar 1: Fundamentals
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